About Us

        On the day of 26-03-2005, our Bantwala bunts should remember the day. Odiyoor Shri Sri Gurudevananda Swamiji presided over the function of the Association of the Association President Maladi Ajithkumar Rai in front of a number of dignitaries and many of our society as the Regional Association with the name of Bunts Sangha Bantwal Taluk (R). Senior audiences, Dr. Yerya Lakshminarayana Alva, the chief guest of our taluk, Then our minister, Mr B. Ramanath Rai former MLA of our constituency, Shri B Nagaraj Shetty, Shri Srinath Hegde, the then vice-president of the Sangh's Bunts Yane Nadar, Shri Shakuntala Shetty, a legislator from Puttur, Shri Jyothiprakash Hegde, former Secretary of the World Bunt Foundation, Shri Sadananda Malli, the treasurer of the Bunts Yane Nadavar Sangha, and the president of the Moodbidri Alva's Education Foundation, Mohan Alva was present. Under the leadership of Nadumogeruguttu Shri Shivaram Shetty Ananthadi Kiran Hegde was the president of 2005 - 2008, with 8 members, 12 directors, and 92 members of the society.

        Prior to the existence of our society in 2005, Harish Shetty, who was in Bantwal, attempted to establish a youth bunts union with our societies. In that case he established and encouraged four zone associations. Prior to that, our bunts who were the only members of the Sangh's Bantwal taluks and our senior elites joined our society and conducted several programs.

        During the first three years of our association, there were several social functions. Bunt alias Nadav ara has a scholarship for girls who are financially disadvantaged, Helping Finanacially backward girls to get married, helping our society to provide monetary medical camps related to the union's accessibility, collaterals for our relatives, our society's efforts, people's representatives in our society, representatives of people's society, are congratulated. All the members were handling their on expenses, because the didnot have any source of fund. Mr. Shivaram Shetty, our then Honorary President, for our association's work at this time, provided his B.C Road office for free.

        Later, Lokanath Shetty of BC Road took over as Chairman of 2008 - 2011. In his time, we went to the village of Taluk for membership registration for the Sangh and appointed over a thousand people as members of the Sangh. 84 villages in Bantwal Taluk and set up some towns and started 11 zones with the entire first sector. The range of taluk level Bants sports festival in Bantwal taluk was very successful. In the same way, Rangoli Sadananda D. Raghavendra, Shetty led a fund (Kuri) to raise funds for money.

        Later, Bolanthuruguttu Gangadhar Rai led the association chair of 2011 - 2014. At that time many sites were seen, and 65 cents of land was decided on the side of BC Road - Mangalore National Highway in Vallavur. The site required Rs. 85 lakhs. 26 lakhs from the Fund and donors of other towns and the amount required for the site registration was presided over by President Bolanthuruguttu Gangadhar Rai, Rangoli Sadananda D. Shetty and our associate's name were able to buy and register. Then the money was collected by the donors and the loan was settled. Gangadhar Rai was the president of the sports festival, the cash aid for those who died in the gas tragedy, the winner of the presidency, congratulations to the representatives, and many other public programs. But unfortunately they were in the last six month of presidency of Gangadara Rai . In the next six months, our senior Nadumogeruguttu Sri Shivaram Shetty served as President.

        We were all eager to build a bantwala bunts bungalow as soon as possible at our site, so we were all looking for a potential leader. As a matter of fact, all of us, as the desire of everybody, Mumbai's famous businessman, Nagri Guttu, Shri Vivek Shetty, led the association to become President of 2015 - 2017. They head strong team of 140 people. In each case, we all cheered and talked with their words, skilled, enthusiastic, and enthusiastically, joining our bantawala bunts bungalow's work.

        On the 14-12-2014, on the stage of the preparation of our site on the platform, about 40 people made the main guests, with about 5000 Bunts gathered together and the foundtion of our bantawala Bunt’s bungalow was completed. This program is to the people of Bantwal taluk as an unprecedented event in our society's history. The bungalow which has the beauty of this beautiful nature environment, is the best of our association's decennial festival with the blessings of the devotees and elders from all of us who have helped us with the help of the crane, using the tower crane first by filing in the Bantwal taluk, using the most advanced technology for about one and a half years. Carving out. There is time and effort of many workers, friends & relatives. Let the next generation reap its benefit more than we enjoying it. In the coming days, Lets help the financially backward of our society from the fund collected by us. We are very happy that all of us who have worked behind this are satisfied. In the future bantawala bunts bungalow will be helpful for all.